Economic problems

/Economic problems

We win a gold medal!

If there were an Olympic gold medal for inflating real estate prices Australia would win most of the time. We have two of the five least affordable real estate markets on the planet — Sydney and Melbourne. We have an unfettered banking system that lends like there's no tomorrow. We have an abundance of cashed up foreign buyers [...]

Want to fix the housing crisis? Tax land

Brilliant article by David McWilliams from the Irish Times. Click here to read the article.

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Income tax is plain crazy

If you lift your head out of the "conventional thinking bucket" for a moment you might be hit with an epiphany. Taxation should be simple, fair, understandable, efficient and penalise productive economic activity as little as possible. Income tax fails all those tests. Not some of them but all of them. The Tax Act (last [...]

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What is Georgism?

A Christmas video that explains Georgism. [Thanks to Bryan Kavanagh for bringing it to our attention!] To see more articles from Bryan click this link.

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Victoria to get tax on unoccupied properties

The state of Victoria is to get a tax on unoccupied properties. The new tax, called Vacant Residential Property Tax (VRPT), is expected to raise around $80 million over four years and will come into effect on 1 January 2018. Click here to read the article.

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Homelessness is the price we pay…

You have to love the outspoken Jonathan Pie. He is exactly right that homelessness is a disgrace and a failure of our national economic policies. Even in Melbourne we have 30,000 people on the waiting list for housing. Please watch this video and see if you don't want to fix the problem. [...]

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Rent Unmasked

A new book has been released. Rent Unmasked explores the new economic paradigm that policy-makers need to solve global problems in the post-2008 era. With conventional economic theories discredited, the new model must equip governments with tools to re-stabilise societies in a dangerous world. Rent Unmasked explains why one paradigm only qualifies to serve this [...]

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Clear historical perspective

Bryan Kavanagh is a long-term economic activist. He's also a property valuer and brings a historic perspective to our current problems. If you want to know how we got where we are today and what we need to do to fix things then click on the link below. Click here to read Bryan's article. [...]

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